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Welcome to Ozark Currency and Coin

     Hello and thank you for stopping by to see us !!  We are a family owned and operated currency and coin shop nestled in the heart of Ozark Mountains in the Northwest corner of Arkansas.  We are an on-line company and also regularly attend coin and trade shows in several states.  The road to where we are now began about 40 years ago as a young boy when I sifted through pocket change searching for wheat pennies, old nickels, and the occasional silver coin (halves-quarters-dimes) like everyone else - trying to fill those empty holes in the old Whitman folders.  Boy those were the days!!  I remember getting paper money for birthdays and at Christmas time and always looked the notes over really well admiring the engraving and the bright, bold colors before tucking it into my bank and then one fateful day it happened - I received my first 2 dollar bill and BANG! that's when I caught the paper bug!!  From there I started to study pictures and information on the different series and types of notes from the blue seal Silver Certificates, the red seal Legal Tender notes and the varying shades of green seal Fed Reserve Notes, little did I know one day I would be actively buying, selling, and trading notes as a profession.  For me it isn't a job or work at all, it is something I truly love doing and derive a lot of satisfaction from.  What better way to make a living than doing something you love and are passionate about.